Our Latest Series

These are the latest series that J-Novel Club has licensed, and with a regular or premium membership subscription you will be able to read beyond the first free part and then keep up with new parts as they come out on a weekly basis! We are currently publishing new content weekly from more than 30 ongoing series, including many fan favorites!

New Digital Releases

After we finish translating a volume, we then compile the parts into full ebook releases and retire the volume from the subscription service shortly after. You can find our light novel and manga ebooks on multiple online bookstores, but you can also buy our light novels directly from the site, which will be compatible with any device, and comes with exclusive bonus content! Premium members also get discounts!

New Physical Releases

While primarily a digital publisher, J-Novel Club also releases physical print versions for select series. Here are our latest releases, available on well-stocked bookstores, both online and offline! You can find a list of all of our series with physical releases test here.

This Month’s Catchup Series

Every month we select a number of series from our catalog and make them fully readable for all of our members for the duration of the month, to help give new members a chance to 'catch up' to our ongoing releases. For this month, we have the following series available with 33+ volumes of content to read!