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An ordinary kid finds himself in an RPG-style fantasy world and resolves to do whatever it takes to conquer the heart of the Dungeon and get back home to his little sister. Just how calculating will he be in his quest, and what lessons will he learn?

After Lyell Walt loses in a duel with his younger sister, his parents disown him. But then, a mysterious old man appears and gives Lyell a necklace with special properties. Item in hand, Lyell sets out from his family’s estate to prove himself.

Akira sets out to escape the slums, hunting lost technology in the deadly ruins of the “Old World.” The young street orphan would be lucky just to survive—until an encounter with Alpha, a mysterious, ghostly woman, changes his fate forever.

Yuki wakes up in another world. Now a demon lord in charge of a dungeon, he’ll have to learn to live with a legendary dragon, a pet slime, a vampire girl, and a wolf creature. It’s a lot of work, but watch Yuki juggle it all!

Tired of war, the Demon King of Tyranny reincarnates to restore peace. After two thousand years, Anos Voldigoad returns. He enrolls at Demon King Academy, but with power too great to be measured, how will he prove that the founder stands before them?

When office slave Tadashi Tanaka dies of cancer, he finds himself reincarnated in a violent world resembling medieval Europe. Now living as Varian de Lioncourt, he must begin his life anew!

I’m Hiiragi Utena, a normal magical-girl-loving middle school girl—or at least I was, but then some talking mascot cast a spell on me! Now’s my chance to join my beloved magical girls as...a villain? This can’t be happening!

A thousand years ago the infamous knight, Sid Blitze, was slain by the holy king, Arthur. Now, Arthur’s descendant, Alvin, has awakened Sid from his eternal slumber and asks him to become an instructor at his academy for magical knights!

Japan has fallen apart and unknown enemies from a world of fantasy and magic threaten to eradicate Earth. It’s now up to Yu Ichinose and a mysterious elf girl to be the nation’s last hope.

After failing the final exam for his dream job at the royal court, promising young sorcerer Allen finds himself roped into tutoring Lady Tina Howard, the magically impaired daughter of one of the kingdom’s most powerful nobles.