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As a Liefe, people say Yui can't cast most spells... but that won’t stop her from trying at the kingdom's most prestigious magic academy! However, trouble is always just around the corner, and enjoying a quiet life as a student won't be easy...

Selene Vixent has died nine times. Each time, she’s been betrayed, broken, and unable to wield Sun—her family’s power. Determined to break out of her cursed time loop, she awakens to the power of Shadow and embraces her new life as a villainess.

When Elizabeth Burton finds herself reborn as an otome villainess, she has one chance at redemption: seducing the main character by… cross-dressing?! But it all goes awry when the cast of love interests fall for her and start cross-dressing too…

Elizabeth Leiston is livid after her royal fiancé humiliates and casts her away. She won’t take it any longer! Armed with her magic grimoires, she embarks on a quest for revenge. Get ready because this ruthless lady is out for blood!

After a strange woman attacks her, runaway orphan Alicia learns she is doomed to be the protagonist of an otome game. Armed with her assailant’s memories, Alicia rejects her so-called fate and vows to live her life on her own terms.

Kurogane Ikki is a Blazer, who can manifest his soul as a weapon. He dreams of becoming a Mage-Knight but lacks the talent for it—so no one sees it coming when he beats Stella Vermillion, a Rank a Blazer, in a duel! So begins his fight to the top!

After a violent encounter with a strange woman, young orphan Alicia learns she was supposed to be the protagonist of an otome game. Alicia shuns her fate and decides to carve her own path in life—by any means necessary.

After Prince Friede breaks off their engagement and publicly humiliates her, Elizabeth Leiston is livid. Armed with her seven magic grimoires, she sets out to wreak revenge on her tormentors and topple the kingdom.

Meet Mary Regalia, the daughter of a duke. All she wants is to live a normal life—too bad she was reincarnated with max stats and a completely invincible body! Follow this invincible little lady’s adventures as she tries to stay out of trouble!

Noelle loves magic, but her job at the Mages’ Guild goes from bad to worse when her nightmarish boss fires her! Luckily, along comes an old friend and a surprise job opportunity. Time to live her dream of working as a royal court magician!