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Killed in a raid on the Demon King’s castle, the hero Alexander is reincarnated as that same Demon King’s son. With his memories intact, he vows to complete his mission by destroying the demonic kingdom from within as Demon Prince Zilbagias.

Elizabeth Leiston is livid after her royal fiancé humiliates and casts her away. She won’t take it any longer! Armed with her magic grimoires, she embarks on a quest for revenge. Get ready because this ruthless lady is out for blood!

Join the newly-reincarnated Shinobu on his way up from level 1 to bring down his heinous whale foster father and save his little sister!

Swordmaster Adel gets a second chance at rescuing the princess who once saved him, but it means going back in a beautiful woman! Now a swordmaster and a Saint, can Adel change the course of history?

After Prince Friede breaks off their engagement and publicly humiliates her, Elizabeth Leiston is livid. Armed with her seven magic grimoires, she sets out to wreak revenge on her tormentors and topple the kingdom.

When Jeanette’s evil stepmother casts her out of the house, she’s left with no family, no belongings, and nowhere to live. But with her relentless positivity, natural genius, and her besotted fiancé, she will fight back for what’s hers!

Disinherited for his lack of aether, Arcus Raytheft’s luck changes when he dreams of a world filled with technological marvels. Can he use his newfound knowledge to enhance his magic and show his parents they were wrong about him?

As sinister, body-snatching Reincarnators from another world sweep across the land, wandering warrior Dill Steel-Link faces unimaginable odds as he fights to recover his daughter’s body from the invaders.

Left for dead in the Abyss—the realm’s most notorious dungeon—Light discovers his Gift of the Unlimited Gacha can summon Level 9999 warriors! Three years and an army of overpowered allies later, he’s ready to take revenge on all who betrayed him.

Disowned at the age of six for his limited magic, Arcus Raytheft comes into a peculiar inheritance: memories of another life and another world altogether. Driven by a dead man's memories, Arcus resolves to surpass those who cast him aside...