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Al is a holy knight who fights off monsters until he's bitten by an undead and cursed to become one. 300 years later, Al meets a woman who will restore his body on one condition: he must become her knight and help her put an end to the undead!

When Rina wakes up inside an otome game, she faces a crisis: she’s now the villainess, Ekaterina, heading straight to her doom alongside her brother, Alexei. Can she overcome the threats to her family and the empire while saving Alexei from overwork?

On her sixteenth birthday, Mille-Feuille remembers her past life as the fiancée of the Dragon Duke Vacherin. She swears not to get involved with him again but winds up his personal attendant! Can she live in peace as her past influences her present?

After waking up inside an otome game, Rina, now Ekaterina, finds herself in a sticky situation. If the game runs its course, she and her new brother Alexei are as good as dead! Can she outwit fate while protecting him from the horrors of overwork?

Kurogane Ikki is a Blazer, who can manifest his soul as a weapon. He dreams of becoming a Mage-Knight but lacks the talent for it—so no one sees it coming when he beats Stella Vermillion, a Rank a Blazer, in a duel! So begins his fight to the top!

Good grief. Two hundred years in the future and us Amber-Eyed people still don’t get treated with dignity and respect. At least it’s an era of peace. With any luck, I should be able to live an easy life...right?

The Voices of the Gods inform Prince Sieg that his fiancée Lieselotte is a "tsun de rais" doomed to a Bad End. Wholly unaware that these deities are just high schoolers, can he use their divine warnings to save his adorably sharp-tongued betrothed?!

Some fairy tales are too good to be true—literally! Claire is knocked off her pedestal when she’s disowned, loses her fiancé to her sister, and...discovers she’s a video game character? But nothing will stop her from unlocking her own good ending.

Alus Reigin, the No. 1 Magicmaster, wants to retire at age 16 from fighting the Fiends threatening humanity, but instead is pressed into service training his successors, two beautiful Magicmaster girls! An epic fantasy saga begins.