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The hotheaded knight Albrea journeys to the village of Montt to slay an evil demon. However, the village boasts a secret: the demon is a retired old man, and the other villagers are some of the kingdom’s greatest heroes!

Albrea, the kingdom’s strongest knight, sets off to the village of Montt to defeat a powerful demon. However, when she arrives, all is not as it seems as the mighty demon turns out to be a retired old man!

Upon signing up for a new game, MMORPG lover Kenichi gets reborn as Allen, a lowly level 1 character. Locked into the Hell Mode difficulty, he dedicates himself to learning the secrets of his new Summoner class and freeing his family from serfdom.

Urban legends have come to life, manifesting as phenomena called “Folklore.” Only the mysterious Thompson Agency, dedicated to identifying and capturing these beings, can keep humanity safe.

Reborn in another world as a demon lord, Yuki has big plans for his dungeon. Too bad they derail thanks to a lazy dragon with a sweet tooth, a rescued little vampire girl, and a few pets to top it all off! Can he get his chill life back on track?

Lone-wolf Shigeaki Yashiro’s solitary days disappear when the social butterfly Kanon Hanamizawa asks to learn how to have fun on her own. But as he teaches Hanamizawa the ways of a loner, Yashiro stumbles into the world of popular students.

Yuki wakes up in another world. Now a demon lord in charge of a dungeon, he’ll have to learn to live with a legendary dragon, a pet slime, a vampire girl, and a wolf creature. It’s a lot of work, but watch Yuki juggle it all!

One day, Andou Jurai and his friends awakened to spectacular superpowers! Life-or-death supernatural battles seemed inevitable...but then, nothing else happened. What do you do with supernatural powers when your life is as commonplace as ever?

While searching for a game hardcore enough to satisfy him, Yamada Kenichi stumbles upon one boasting a grueling “Hell Mode.” Thinking he’s up to the challenge, Kenichi's in for a shock when he finds himself reincarnated in another world—as a serf!

Wataru Ito, master martial artist and hot-blooded hero, happened to get hit by a truck on his way to school. This didn’t kill him, of course, but now that he’s in a new world he dedicates himself to fighting the baddest dudes this world has to offer!