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An entire class of high school students are transported to a different world with supernatural skills to help them. However, what they don’t realize is that most of those skills are land mines—powers that seem good but have deadly downsides!

Man’s best friend–er–familiar Pochi and the eternally youthful sorcerer Asley aren’t your typical duo, but as they fight evil, make new friends, and (re)learn the ways of the world, they might just have a pawsitively good time!

High schooler Kudo Akira happens upon the ability to travel to and from the world of Do-Melta, where the guild receptionist mooches off of him, his magic instructor gives him “rewards,” and he gets to have some fun with a girl he saves.

Allen was a hero in a past life, but reincarnation finds him banished from the duchy as a low-level good-for-nothing. This could be the perfect opportunity to find the peace and quiet he’s always wanted! But it’s not so easy to stop being a hero…

Stripped of his status and banished from his home, Allen is finally free to pursue the peaceful existence he’s always wanted. But when you retain the powers and memories from your past life as a hero, the valiant lifestyle can be hard to escape!

A gamer gets transported into the world of his favorite game—as everyone’s least favorite overweight villain, Piggy! Now he has to speedrun getting in shape, leveling up, and escaping the doomed storyline he’s otherwise destined to play out!

Upon signing up for a new game, MMORPG lover Kenichi gets reborn as Allen, a lowly level 1 character. Locked into the Hell Mode difficulty, he dedicates himself to learning the secrets of his new Summoner class and freeing his family from serfdom.

I was your average salaryman until I got hit by a truck and woke up in the world of my favorite video game as the early-game powerhouse who’s basically useless after the tutorial. Let me reiterate—I am absolutely NOT the hero! Stop calling me that!

One day, Souma Sagara gets sucked into the world of New Communicate Online, aka the Catfolk Realm. Too bad the game is a buggy mess by malicious developers! He’ll need his wits and all the glitches he can abuse to survive in this game world!

Ein was born with a super rare skill, but it’s not enough to keep him from being cast aside by his father. He takes refuge in his grandfather’s kingdom...where he immediately becomes the crown prince! And that’s just the start of his journey!