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Long after the fall of humanity, factions of ancient autonomous weapons battle it out in endless and meaningless conflicts...until one machine finds meaning in the form of a human child and sets out on a journey to deliver her to her people!

Fate leads gloomy high-schooler Kashima Ryuto to confess to his crush, the sunny Shirakawa Runa. And much to his surprise...she agrees to go out with him! They’re polar opposites, so can this odd couple still manage to connect with each other?

After a palace fire wipes out Hasvenvalia’s royal family, Slaine discovers he is the king’s bastard son—and sole surviving heir. With the support of his aide, Monica, the young boy must use his wits to survive royal intrigue and an impending war.

Twenty-five years ago, seven young heroes put an end to the long war between humans and demons, and their victory brought peace...until now. With the demon threat rising once again, can the seven heroes—now much older—save the world a second time?

After an empty life in Japan, Yuri Ho is reborn in another world where he finds new motivation to live, raising birds in the countryside with his loving parents. But war looms in a neighboring kingdom, threatening his peaceful existence.

When ex-adventurer Belgrieve finds an abandoned baby, he adopts her and teaches her to fight. Then Angeline leaves home for adventure. She even reaches S-Rank! But with so many fiends to conquer, will she ever get to reunite with her dad?

Chloe Ardennes, a noble disowned for her inauspicious birth, flees her abusive home for the royal capital. Danger awaits, but a dashing, stoic knight comes to her rescue and whisks her away for an awkward yet endearing new life together!

An immensely powerful and ancient dragon finds himself confronted by a human girl so young she can barely say her own name. He decides to raise her, but quickly learns how little he knows about humans!

Born with a useless crest that earned him nothing but ridicule, Prince Heale is exiled to a deserted island on the day he turns fifteen. Alone, miserable, but determined to survive, he reaches for a pickaxe—and discovers the true power of his crest!

Born with a useless crest that earned him ridicule, Prince Heale is exiled to a deserted island at age fifteen. There, he reaches for a pickax—and reveals his crest’s true power! Otherworldly discoveries and life-changing encounters await!