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Opal is a stubborn lady, one who never backs down from a challenge. One fateful day, her life is flipped upside down when she’s forced to marry a childish duke! Can she navigate these new challenges now that the world has turned against her?

“It’s what’s on the inside that truly counts.” For Ginorious, a man who was rejected for his entire long life before reincarnating, that’s practically his mantra. Can he use knowledge from his past life to make his fiancée, the Goblin Maiden, happy?

When Ark McGuine is tasked with finding a missing princess, he uncovers a horrible tale of neglect while falling in love with a woman he’s never met. With the princess declared dead, Ark returns home, grieving...until he finds her, alive and well?!

Opal’s newlywed life begins in a dusty old attic following her political marriage to Duke Hubert, who needs her family fortune to save himself from debt. Bullied and underestimated, the stubborn Opal formulates a plan to outsmart everyone!

Lady Carolina has longed her whole life to be considered “exceptional.” Now, as she’s thrust into a political marriage with the Bloodthirsty Prince of the neighboring empire, will she finally grasp the true measure of her worth (and find true love)?

Viola decides to break off her loveless engagement by faking amnesia, but when her fiancée finds out about her “condition,” he uses the opportunity to act as if they’ve always been madly in love! Caught in her own lie, Viola is forced to play along!

Lady Carolina might think she’s the “Sanchez family disgrace,” but there’s more to her than her abusive older sister believes. Although Carolina is oblivious to her own worth, she’s about to marry a prince, discover her power, and grow into her own!

Black knight Lina has to find a husband—if she can’t, dragons might burn her to a crisp! But even if she can snag one, navigating a contractual marriage has its own hardships. Between aristocracy and bureaucracy, what’s a girl to do?

When the heartbroken Estelle attends a ball to find a new husband after losing her fiancé, she encounters a wicked prince who discovers her ability to see people’s mana and decides to keep her for himself! Where will her new predicament take her?

Shiina, a freshman in college, lives a cozy life in Niigata Prefecture while dating her coppersmith boyfriend, Shuu. The one thing she's not ready for is Shuu's sudden proposal! Barely out of high school, is she ready for married life?