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Long after the fall of humanity, factions of ancient autonomous weapons battle it out in endless and meaningless conflicts...until one machine finds meaning in the form of a human child and sets out on a journey to deliver her to her people!

After decades of fighting on the front lines, Dias returns home a war hero. He’s rewarded with his own domain, which is little more than empty fields of grass... Or so he thinks until he meets a mysterious girl with a blue horn.

When Dias returns home from decades of war, he is rewarded with his own domain...which turns out to be little more than endless grassy plains. But when a horned girl named Alna appears, Dias discovers this empty frontier is more than it seems.

When ex-adventurer Belgrieve finds an abandoned baby, he adopts her and teaches her to fight. Then Angeline leaves home for adventure. She even reaches S-Rank! But with so many fiends to conquer, will she ever get to reunite with her dad?

Saika’s world gets turned upside down when she’s asked to become a teenage mother! But her child isn’t a normal’s an infant god! Can she raise this little godling while adapting to her new life alongside three handsome new brothers?

An immensely powerful and ancient dragon finds himself confronted by a human girl so young she can barely say her own name. He decides to raise her, but quickly learns how little he knows about humans!

A resurrected dragon sets out on an adventure with his reckless human daughter, hoping to improve her control over her magical abilities before his new body gives out—but who knows what kind of trouble awaits them?

In what can only be called a folly of youth, I had a girlfriend towards the end of middle school. Thank god we broke up! There’s no girl nastier than her. I never want to see her again! Wait, who’s that with my stepmom?! Oh god, it’s her!

A warmhearted (if ditzy) dragon, mega-powerful and once venerated by humankind, finds himself as the “daddy” of a precocious human girl in this touching tale. But just how quickly will Olivia grow up, and how strong will this little learner become?

Onigawara Shouzou, a married father of three, must put his sales skills to the test when his family and their entire house get transported to a whole new world of monsters and magic!