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Rich, powerful duke’s daughter Mary Albert is the perfect young lady with an odd ambition—her own downfall! Embracing her new life as an otome game villainess, she’ll torment the heroine and take a route to ruin, and drag her servant Adi along too!

Carla is a down-on-her luck witch who runs an apothecary—and a divorce agency on the side! So when a seemingly surly knight arrives with a royal request, she’ll have to work through her own personal feelings in order to make some real magic happen!

Alphina is sentenced to death after a false accusation, but time rewinds when she dies. This happens over and over...until the hundredth time. Can Alphina use her new ability to hear others’ true feelings to sidestep her fate at the guillotine?

Amelia took it for granted that she'd one day marry her fiancé, who she’s known since childhood. But when she learns of his betrayal and has to endure the scorn of her classmates, it’s none other than the fourth prince who steps in to comfort her!

Irede, the town of pleasure, was built in reverence to a god. Here, a straitlaced young shadeslayer meets a courtesan, beginning a tale of marriage between two worlds. However, restless shadows stand in their way, ready to test their resolves.

Prince Callus was born a Taboo Being, afflicted with a deadly curse. He only has six months to live, but light magic may be the cure if he can master it. It’s a race against time, and someone is set on keeping the existence of his kind hidden...

A man finds himself in the body of the protagonist in a fangame filled with treacherous plots and challenges. With cunning, determination, and his knowledge of the future, he’s determined to overcome his fate and live a life of luxury.

Experience the lower city, the orphanage, the temple, the Royal Academy, and many other familiar locations through new eyes in twenty-one stories told from a plethora of unique perspectives. Spans Parts 1 to 4.

Born with a useless crest that earned him nothing but ridicule, Prince Heale is exiled to a deserted island on the day he turns fifteen. Alone, miserable, but determined to survive, he reaches for a pickaxe—and discovers the true power of his crest!

Good grief. Two hundred years in the future and us Amber-Eyed people still don’t get treated with dignity and respect. At least it’s an era of peace. With any luck, I should be able to live an easy life...right?