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One second he’s a drunk middle-aged commoner, and the next he’s Liam Hamilton, the son of a noble house on the brink of ruin! At least he can finally try learning magic... But will it be enough to save him from the shadow looming over his family?

All Sekiei wants is a quiet life—which is hard to come by when you’re the reincarnation of an ancient hero. War is on the horizon, leaving him with no choice but to prove he’s more than a name from long ago.

High schooler Kudo Akira happens upon the ability to travel to and from the world of Do-Melta, where the guild receptionist mooches off of him, his magic instructor gives him “rewards,” and he gets to have some fun with a girl he saves.

Killed in a raid on the Demon King’s castle, the hero Alexander is reincarnated as that same Demon King’s son. With his memories intact, he vows to complete his mission by destroying the demonic kingdom from within as Demon Prince Zilbagias.

Elizabeth Leiston is livid after her royal fiancé humiliates and casts her away. She won’t take it any longer! Armed with her magic grimoires, she embarks on a quest for revenge. Get ready because this ruthless lady is out for blood!

Join the newly-reincarnated Shinobu on his way up from level 1 to bring down his heinous whale foster father and save his little sister!

Yuto can’t wait to command the strongest monsters in the new VRMMORPG, Law of Justice Online. But when it turns out his starting monster has zero combat abilities, Yuto decides to enjoy the game by taking a different route—farming!

After a strange woman attacks her, runaway orphan Alicia learns she is doomed to be the protagonist of an otome game. Armed with her assailant’s memories, Alicia rejects her so-called fate and vows to live her life on her own terms.

Allen was a hero in a past life, but reincarnation finds him banished from the duchy as a low-level good-for-nothing. This could be the perfect opportunity to find the peace and quiet he’s always wanted! But it’s not so easy to stop being a hero…

Fifteen-year-old Olivia grew up studying books and the blade under a death god. But when her teacher goes missing, Olivia is unleashed upon the battlefield. As war shakes the continent, neither side is ready for death's daughter and her ebony blade!