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Zenos, a self-taught healer, gets kicked from his party after they decide he’s useless. With no other skills, he decides to start an underground clinic and become a shadow healer. Word of his talents spreads quickly, soon reaching the royal palace...

Zenos, a brilliant self-taught healer, is kicked from his party. He founds an illegal clinic to start anew, gets involved with one influential figure after another despite wanting to keep a low profile, and word about him begins to spread...

Meet Tsukumori Jr. High’s dysfunctional art club! Follow the antics of the talented “moe” artist Uchimaki, nap-king Prez, the whimsical Colette, and the diligent Usami Mizuki. Together, they turn the chaos of middle school into a masterpiece!

It’s been ten years since Ayako took in her orphaned niece as her own. She’s now hoping her daughter will get together with her handsome childhood friend Takumi, who seems like the perfect partner. The only hitch is...Takumi’s in love with Ayako?!

Self-proclaimed ultimate introvert Natsuki Haibara has more high school regrets than he can count... So when he suddenly travels back to a time before those disastrous days, will he be able to make the most of a second shot at his teenage years?

Shiina, a freshman in college, lives a cozy life in Niigata Prefecture while dating her coppersmith boyfriend, Shuu. The one thing she's not ready for is Shuu's sudden proposal! Barely out of high school, is she ready for married life?

Inspired by a chance encounter with a late-night anime, Miyuki Sanada decides to become an animator! Harsh lessons and even harsher financial realities await, but will Miyuki's passion be enough to make her dream come true?