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When Ark McGuine is tasked with finding a missing princess, he uncovers a horrible tale of neglect while falling in love with a woman he’s never met. With the princess declared dead, Ark returns home, grieving...until he finds her, alive and well?!

Alphina is framed for a crime and executed—only to go back in time and repeat the same scenario 99 times over. On her 100th loop, she suddenly awakens the power to read minds. Can she use this newfound ability to change her fate?

Fate leads gloomy high-schooler Kashima Ryuto to confess to his crush, the sunny Shirakawa Runa. And much to his surprise...she agrees to go out with him! They’re polar opposites, so can this odd couple still manage to connect with each other?

Viola decides to break off her loveless engagement by faking amnesia, but when her fiancée finds out about her “condition,” he uses the opportunity to act as if they’ve always been madly in love! Caught in her own lie, Viola is forced to play along!

All Lettie wants is to escape her strict princess lessons, end her engagement, and live freely. All Prince Clarke wants is to marry her. He thwarts her every attempt, but Lettie isn’t about to give up her dream of freedom!

When Jeanette’s evil stepmother casts her out of the house, she’s left with no family, no belongings, and nowhere to live. But with her relentless positivity, natural genius, and her besotted fiancé, she will fight back for what’s hers!

Lettie wants nothing more than to escape her strict princess education. When her engagement to Prince Clarke appears to have been broken off, she is delighted to finally have her freedom back—if only it were that simple!

Betrayed by her betrothed and bullied by her family, a young noblewoman flees into the hands of a misanthropic wizard. When he hears her sad story, he decides to teach her the art of self-indulgence and make her the happiest woman in the world!

It’s been ten years since Ayako took in her orphaned niece as her own. She’s now hoping her daughter will get together with her handsome childhood friend Takumi, who seems like the perfect partner. The only hitch is...Takumi’s in love with Ayako?!

After years of self-sufficiency, Yuji suddenly finds himself playing host to a girl from Italy—not a stranger, but a forgotten childhood acquaintance. So ends his time living alone, and so begins his life of living with Francesca.