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After her family’s wealth is seized, Lady Francette lives in poverty, selling pastries to survive. Then one fateful day she meets the slime duke, Gabriel, who asks her to marry him. What began as a marriage of convenience soon becomes something more!

When Elizabeth Burton finds herself reborn as an otome villainess, she has one chance at redemption: seducing the main character by… cross-dressing?! But it all goes awry when the cast of love interests fall for her and start cross-dressing too…

On her sixteenth birthday, Mille-Feuille remembers her past life as the fiancée of the Dragon Duke Vacherin. She swears not to get involved with him again but winds up his personal attendant! Can she live in peace as her past influences her present?

Kurogane Ikki is a Blazer, who can manifest his soul as a weapon. He dreams of becoming a Mage-Knight but lacks the talent for it—so no one sees it coming when he beats Stella Vermillion, a Rank a Blazer, in a duel! So begins his fight to the top!

Reincarnated in another world, Ryo is excited to learn water magic and live an easygoing life. But fate has other things in store for our carefree protagonist, who will face off against monsters, make friends, and find himself embroiled in politics!

Never eat raw pig liver—an otaku learns that lesson when he wakes up in a pigsty as a bona fide pig. He meets his savior, Jess, a girl who can read minds. Wanting to return the favor, can this mere pig save her from the cruel clutches of fate?

Opal’s newlywed life begins in a dusty old attic following her political marriage to Duke Hubert, who needs her family fortune to save himself from debt. Bullied and underestimated, the stubborn Opal formulates a plan to outsmart everyone!

Reborn in another world, Ryo’s excited to learn water magic and live an ideal slow life. But things don’t turn out as planned for this carefree young man as he tests his wits against opponents and rescues a companion who’ll forever alter his destiny!

Lady Carolina has longed her whole life to be considered “exceptional.” Now, as she’s thrust into a political marriage with the Bloodthirsty Prince of the neighboring empire, will she finally grasp the true measure of her worth (and find true love)?

Fate leads gloomy high-schooler Kashima Ryuto to confess to his crush, the sunny Shirakawa Runa. And much to his surprise...she agrees to go out with him! They’re polar opposites, so can this odd couple still manage to connect with each other?