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Prince Callus Leditzweissen was born as a Taboo Being, marked with a deadly curse that will kill him in six months. But when a magician shows him the healing power of light magic, Callus becomes determined to learn it and defeat his curse.

When old rivals Raid and Eluria reincarnate and reunite a thousand years after dying, there’s only one thing for them to do: settle who’s stronger once and for all—even if it means getting engaged and attending the Royal Institute of Magic together!

When the goddess declares Foyle a “Hero,” no one realizes that he’s actually a “Fake Hero.” He’ll never be the good guy, but an encounter with a mysterious elf in need of help teaches him that even a villain can be a hero to someone.

As a Liefe, people say Yui can't cast most spells... but that won’t stop her from trying at the kingdom's most prestigious magic academy! However, trouble is always just around the corner, and enjoying a quiet life as a student won't be easy...

With his dying breath, Haruyoshi, the strongest exorcist, casts the Spell of Reincarnation...and awakens in another world as Seika Lamprogue?! Determined not to repeat the mistakes of his past life, Seika sets out to find happiness this time around!

Sent to a new world against his will, Yusuke Yahagi is made a dagashi-ya―a person who sells cheap and tasty snacks. With nothing but the clothes on his back and his trusty carrying pole, can he make it in this new world with his stat-boosting snacks?

On the verge of death, Haruyoshi had only one desire—to be happy in his next life. Reborn as Seika, he has no magical power at all. However, he soon learns that his new world’s magic is nothing compared to his sorcery, so his new life should be easy!

After years of ostracization because of his curse, Caim finally gains control of his powers and becomes the Poison King. However, little does he know...that his poisons will make him irresistible to the beauties he’ll meet on his journey!

An entire class of high school students are transported to a different world with supernatural skills to help them. However, what they don’t realize is that most of those skills are land mines—powers that seem good but have deadly downsides!

Al is a holy knight who fights off monsters until he's bitten by an undead and cursed to become one. 300 years later, Al meets a woman who will restore his body on one condition: he must become her knight and help her put an end to the undead!