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Black knight Lina has to find a husband—if she can’t, dragons might burn her to a crisp! But even if she can snag one, navigating a contractual marriage has its own hardships. Between aristocracy and bureaucracy, what’s a girl to do?

What’s worse? Spirits that need exorcising, or the one-sided romantic overtures of your childhood friend who far outranks your entire family in the aristocratic pecking order? Well, after reincarnating in a new world, Nicola must deal with both.

On her way to visit her father in London, fairy doctor Lydia is abducted by a man claiming to be an earl. To prove his identity, he asks for her help finding a legendary sword... Could his resemblance to an infamous thief be mere coincidence?

The Voices of the Gods inform Prince Sieg that his fiancée Lieselotte is a "tsun de rais" doomed to a Bad End. Wholly unaware that these deities are just high schoolers, can he use their divine warnings to save his adorably sharp-tongued betrothed?!

What’s worse: getting disowned by your aristocratic family, or discovering a sinister plot that only you can stop? Neither seems to faze Octavia. But this young, devilishly handsome marquis who seems intent on tagging along... He’s another story!

Soma Neumond dedicated his past life to mastering the sword, but he always wished he could use magic. Now he’s been reborn in a world of sorcery, but he’s told that he has no talent for it! How will he make his dream of being a mage come true?

In a post-apocalyptic world where the rich live forever by consuming the lives and blood of the poor, a village boy and a royal girl fall in love and seek to dismantle the structure of society.