Enjoy the Weather as Well as These June Catchups!


Tired of playing in the hot sun? Looking for something to do while sipping your iced tea? Give some of these June catchup series a try!

Unfortunately, office workers don't get a break for summer, and sometimes not even in death! Luciel dies in one life right after getting a promotion and has to start all the way over from the bottom in his new world. He can't take any breaks if he wants to become The Great Cleric and retire early in his new life!

Gotta keep working if your family is poor too! Viola tries to take a shortcut by signing a marriage contract with a duke, but her busy days are just starting! Life as a show wife is so hectic that she can't help constantly screaming "Can Someone Please Explain What’s Going On?!"

What if you could have a cute elf to hang with this summer? Even you could have an opportunity to say "Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf! Check out the wonderful manga adaptation of the story of Kazuhiro, a man who dreams of a vast fantasy world at night, only to find his elf friend Marie waking up right next to him in Japan one day!

Finally, for members newer to J-Novel Club, we've got a selection of older series for you to browse! Clockwork Planet comes from the same mind that produced No Game No Life and has a cast that's just as wacky and over-the-top! Paying to Win a VRMMO is exactly what it says on the tin, but also stars a group of copycat dual sword wielders with black coats... and finally, Last and First Idol is only a single volume of sci-fi short stories, but they've also won numerous awards in Japan!

We hope this'll be enough for members to stave off the early heat this summer, but we expect to turn the temperature up pretty soon with Anime Expo in July!