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Yotsuba always knew that her friends Yuna and Rinka were made for each other...until one day they both ask her out! And she says yes to them both on impulse! Can Yotsuba keep her accidental two-timing under wraps and make her new girlfriends happy?

The Tearmoon Empire has fallen, and its princess, Mia, is executed...only to wake up in the past as a twelve-year-old! Now she has to find some allies, change the future, and spare herself a second gruesome end at the blade of the guillotine!

One day, Andou Jurai and his friends awakened to spectacular superpowers! Life-or-death supernatural battles seemed inevitable...but then, nothing else happened. What do you do with supernatural powers when your life is as commonplace as ever?

Kunugi Kou was once a hero in another world, but now he’s just an extra in his best friend’s romantic comedy—that is, until a chance encounter with the protagonist’s sister propels Kou into a limelight he never wanted!

Mukouda just wants to live quietly away from the sketchy kingdom that summoned him. He may have low stats, but his unique skill gives him more leeway than he thinks. Can he get by on half-baked cunning, a love of home-cooking, and a bit of luck?