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After being maimed and forced into early retirement, the adventurer Belgrieve finds a baby girl in the wilderness and raises her as his own. His new ward, Angeline, soon becomes a legend in her own right but remains a daddy’s girl at heart.

A young woman is reincarnated as Erika Aurelia, a little villainess from an otome game who’s fated to die in all seven routes. Using her wits and her brother’s (very expensive!) magical items, she aims to destroy her death flags... and survive!

Six different authors take turns skewing the norms of the isekai genre in this compilation of short stories. Whether you’ve planned for your otherworld trip or got teleported by accident, it’s good to know what to expect on the other side!

Fighting between the eight tribes is restricted to Duel City Babel, the world’s only arena. Yuri Eniastar can’t wait to duel, no matter what others say about his lineage. Refusing to give up, and with the help of his friends, Yuri aims for the top!

Banished to the borderlands, inept soldier Regis Aurick is found by the daring Princess Altina for his rumored strategic prowess. She aspires to reform a corrupt empire, but must first prove her worth—both to her soldiers and her would-be tactician.