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Yuto can’t wait to command the strongest monsters in the new VRMMORPG, Law of Justice Online. But when it turns out his starting monster has zero combat abilities, Yuto decides to enjoy the game by taking a different route—farming!

Scholarship student Sarasa dreams of a better life through alchemy. Freshly graduated from the prestigious Royal Alchemy Academy, she sets up shop in a small town. With the help of locals, she’s determined to build her reputation and her business!

Long after the fall of humanity, factions of ancient autonomous weapons battle it out in endless and meaningless conflicts...until one machine finds meaning in the form of a human child and sets out on a journey to deliver her to her people!

After decades of fighting on the front lines, Dias returns home a war hero. He’s rewarded with his own domain, which is little more than empty fields of grass... Or so he thinks until he meets a mysterious girl with a blue horn.

When Dias returns home from decades of war, he is rewarded with his own domain...which turns out to be little more than endless grassy plains. But when a horned girl named Alna appears, Dias discovers this empty frontier is more than it seems.

Chloe Ardennes, a noble disowned for her inauspicious birth, flees her abusive home for the royal capital. Danger awaits, but a dashing, stoic knight comes to her rescue and whisks her away for an awkward yet endearing new life together!

Acer isn’t like other high elves living peacefully in the Great Pulha Woodlands...namely because he’s bored out of his mind there. So after 120 years of a stuffy sylvan life, he sets out to find adventure in the outside world!

Self-proclaimed ultimate introvert Natsuki Haibara has more high school regrets than he can count... So when he suddenly travels back to a time before those disastrous days, will he be able to make the most of a second shot at his teenage years?

Shiina, a freshman in college, lives a cozy life in Niigata Prefecture while dating her coppersmith boyfriend, Shuu. The one thing she's not ready for is Shuu's sudden proposal! Barely out of high school, is she ready for married life?

When the gorgeous Nanami confesses to the introverted Yoshin, he knows it’s too good to be true. How’s a guy supposed to keep his cool dating when he knows it’s all just a dare? Besides, what’s he supposed to do when she falls for him for real?