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Viola decides to break off her loveless engagement by faking amnesia, but when her fiancée finds out about her “condition,” he uses the opportunity to act as if they’ve always been madly in love! Caught in her own lie, Viola is forced to play along!

When Satoshi Osako dies playing an RPG, he awakes in an unfamiliar world as Zelos Merlin, his overpowered in-game character. All he wants is to live a quiet life—but between monsters, bandits, and nobles, that could be tougher than it sounds!

All Lettie wants is to escape her strict princess lessons, end her engagement, and live freely. All Prince Clarke wants is to marry her. He thwarts her every attempt, but Lettie isn’t about to give up her dream of freedom!

Lettie wants nothing more than to escape her strict princess education. When her engagement to Prince Clarke appears to have been broken off, she is delighted to finally have her freedom back—if only it were that simple!

After bringing stability and peace to his land, Kai Lekius, the Sanguinary King, fell into a deathlike slumber. Three hundred years later, he wakes with great anticipation of the world that awaits him. But it seems that hope has been misplaced...

Lucia’s dream of running her own atelier gets a jump start when she becomes the manager of the Magical Garment Factory—a job that comes with all sorts of wondrous challenges. Can Lucia weave her way through the obstacles on her way to happiness?

Disinherited for his lack of aether, Arcus Raytheft’s luck changes when he dreams of a world filled with technological marvels. Can he use his newfound knowledge to enhance his magic and show his parents they were wrong about him?

A man finds himself in the body of the protagonist in a fangame filled with treacherous plots and challenges. With cunning, determination, and his knowledge of the future, he’s determined to overcome his fate and live a life of luxury.

Reincarnated into an otome game, Fii is finally enjoying her life as a commoner after landing the bad ending—but she’s the heroine, so the bachelors still won’t leave her alone! Can Fii retain her freedom, or is she fated to a life of nobility?

Some fairy tales are too good to be true—literally! Claire is knocked off her pedestal when she’s disowned, loses her fiancé to her sister, and...discovers she’s a video game character? But nothing will stop her from unlocking her own good ending.