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Most people dream of a peaceful end, but not Nia Liston. Her wish has always been to go down in battle, and now that she’s been given a second chance at life, she’s hell-bent on living—and dying—the way she wants!

Reincarnated into the world of an otome game, Floortje embarks on a journey to rescue her kingdom from peril with a cat-eared prince, her ditzy maid, an ever-growing stable of allies...and the spirit of sumo!

When a karateka battles a runaway truck and loses, a goddess guides him to a world of swords and sorcery. Can he take his karate to the next level to defeat the fantasy world threats looming over his new home?

The founder of K-1, Kazuyoshi Ishii, leaves Shizuoka Prison only to be struck down by a truck and reincarnated in the body...of a comatose high school girl?! Can he use this new body to make amends with the karate he besmirched?

Wataru Ito, master martial artist and hot-blooded hero, happened to get hit by a truck on his way to school. This didn’t kill him, of course, but now that he’s in a new world he dedicates himself to fighting the baddest dudes this world has to offer!

High-schooler Ryoma Mikoshiba finds himself summoned to another world by the warmongering O’ltormea Empire. Finding himself in a world that fits his talent and skills in martial arts to a bloody T, Ryoma sets down a path of domination and war.

Ryoma, an ordinary high-schooler adept at martial arts, one day finds himself summoned to another world. Slaying his vile captors, he is on the run when he encounters two girls who will change both his fate and the fate of the continent.