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A FPS-obsessed gamer and his horror-junkie companion attempt to save humanity from a global zombie infestation.

Kyouhei is the kind of person to cherish every moment of his peaceful, ‘normal’ everyday. Enter a naked girl released from a coffin with no idea what ‘normal’ is? Now he just wants off this fake fake princess’s wild ride!

When ordinary laundrymaid Lucia learns that her Soap magic can stop monsters, she’s sent to join a band of extraordinary heroes on their quest to cleanse the land and save the world!

Six different authors take turns skewing the norms of the isekai genre in this compilation of short stories. Whether you’ve planned for your otherworld trip or got teleported by accident, it’s good to know what to expect on the other side!

Tanya just got kicked out of her party by a sexist scumbag. In her rage, she inadvertently frees a "wicked" Sorceress. The two women team up with a plan to get revenge... Time to kick ass, kiss girls, and dismantle the patriarchy!

Onigawara Shouzou, a married father of three, must put his sales skills to the test when his family and their entire house get transported to a whole new world of monsters and magic!

A thousand years ago, there was a feared tribe of super-powered vampires called "True Bloods" that have since disappeared—except for the youngest, Ristia. Awakened from her slumber, she has one desire: get herself a little sister to dote over!

Sleeping together as a team, Saya Hokage and her newfound group of Sleepwalkers excel at hunting Suiju – being that possess people’s spirits in the land of sleep. Until an unexpected darkness appears… Will the girls be able defend humanity's sleep?

To Princess Rosemarie, anyone showing negative emotions appears to have the head of a beast. So she rushes to marry Prince Claudio, whose features remain human. But she finds out the reason too late: he has a real beast head, and it's her fault!

The VOCALOID song "ECHO" with 8 million views has now been novelized! This song of madness from Crusher-P is weaved into a story in which the TV girl, or “Primadonna’s” identity is finally revealed!