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Lady Carolina has longed her whole life to be considered “exceptional.” Now, as she’s thrust into a political marriage with the Bloodthirsty Prince of the neighboring empire, will she finally grasp the true measure of her worth (and find true love)?

Lady Carolina might think she’s the “Sanchez family disgrace,” but there’s more to her than her abusive older sister believes. Although Carolina is oblivious to her own worth, she’s about to marry a prince, discover her power, and grow into her own!

After a palace fire wipes out Hasvenvalia’s royal family, Slaine discovers he is the king’s bastard son—and sole surviving heir. With the support of his aide, Monica, the young boy must use his wits to survive royal intrigue and an impending war.

It’s been ten years since Ayako took in her orphaned niece as her own. She’s now hoping her daughter will get together with her handsome childhood friend Takumi, who seems like the perfect partner. The only hitch is...Takumi’s in love with Ayako?!

On her way to visit her father in London, fairy doctor Lydia is abducted by a man claiming to be an earl. To prove his identity, he asks for her help finding a legendary sword... Could his resemblance to an infamous thief be mere coincidence?

A pair of mysterious and astute travelers ride their spryverns to all corners of this fantasy world! By order of the Sanctum, Ral and Jilet cross many nations to edit the Pamphlet, a collection of regional myths and legends.

Prince Elliott accuses his fiancée Rachel of a crime she didn’t commit and throws her in prison. Little does he know, Rachel has already heard about his plans...and she is thrilled! Rachel can’t wait to laze about and live the slow prison life!

The Voices of the Gods inform Prince Sieg that his fiancée Lieselotte is a “tsun de rais” doomed to a Bad End. Wholly unaware that these deities are just high schoolers, can he use their divine warnings to save his adorably sharp-tongued betrothed?!

Rimi, a young princess with a passion for cooking, becomes one of the emperor’s many concubines. The envy-filled empire is full of danger, and Rimi must rely on her love of cooking, her natural cheerfulness, and the help of a kind scholar to survive.

Maomao lives happily with her apothecary father—until she’s kidnapped and sold into service in the palace. Can she find a quiet life, or will her powers of deduction and insatiable curiosity bring her ever more adventures, and ever more dangers?