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After her family’s wealth is seized, Lady Francette lives in poverty, selling pastries to survive. Then one fateful day she meets the slime duke, Gabriel, who asks her to marry him. What began as a marriage of convenience soon becomes something more!

When Rina wakes up inside an otome game, she faces a crisis: she’s now the villainess, Ekaterina, heading straight to her doom alongside her brother, Alexei. Can she overcome the threats to her family and the empire while saving Alexei from overwork?

After waking up inside an otome game, Rina, now Ekaterina, finds herself in a sticky situation. If the game runs its course, she and her new brother Alexei are as good as dead! Can she outwit fate while protecting him from the horrors of overwork?

Allen was a hero in a past life, but reincarnation finds him banished from the duchy as a low-level good-for-nothing. This could be the perfect opportunity to find the peace and quiet he’s always wanted! But it’s not so easy to stop being a hero…

Scholarship student Sarasa dreams of a better life through alchemy. Freshly graduated from the prestigious Royal Alchemy Academy, she sets up shop in a small town. With the help of locals, she’s determined to build her reputation and her business!

Stripped of his status and banished from his home, Allen is finally free to pursue the peaceful existence he’s always wanted. But when you retain the powers and memories from your past life as a hero, the valiant lifestyle can be hard to escape!

Liz, a refined young lady, has her world turned upside down when she meets a great hero and awakens her long-lost power—as a succubus! To her chagrin, Liz now seems cursed to a life of lewdness. There must be some mistake, right?!

Serephione’s encounter with the guardian tiger Lou sparks a revelation—she’s been reborn as the villainess of a fantasy book! To escape her wretched fate, she decides to hide her magic and turn to adventuring. But can she really avoid discovery?

Archdemon Zagan hires his unsavory friend, the sorcerer Purgatory Barbatos, to guard Archangel Chastille Lillqvist from the shadows. As Barbatos watches over the crybaby knight, he may just develop something of a weak spot for her and her waterworks.

Betrayed by her betrothed and bullied by her family, a young noblewoman flees into the hands of a misanthropic wizard. When he hears her sad story, he decides to teach her the art of self-indulgence and make her the happiest woman in the world!