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One day, I suddenly ended up in a different world. The real kicker is that they called me “defective” and tossed me into the Valley of Death! Why? Because I'm capped at level 1! I need to make my way out and show everyone what a real badass can do!

Inori Takafuji doesn’t care for much of anything that doesn’t immediately concern himself. So when he gets summoned to another world for the first time, it’s more a mild inconvenience than anything. But then it happens again. And again. And again...

Chef Trainee Asuta dies while trying to save his father's knife, and finds himself in a whole new world! Can our rookie chef parlay his skills in this utterly unfamiliar world? Come learn a thing or two about Cooking with Wild Game!

Ryouta Arata is an otaku who's just lost his job. In order to avoid becoming a NEET, he joins a PMSC, but little does he know the life of a mercenary is more grueling than he could ever imagine.

Inspired by a chance encounter with a late-night anime, Miyuki Sanada decides to become an animator! Harsh lessons and even harsher financial realities await, but will Miyuki's passion be enough to make her dream come true?

Rio is an orphan living in the slums. He’s also the reincarnation of Haruto Amakawa, a Japanese university student with a tragic past! With new memories and magical abilities, Rio’s destiny is changed forever in this otherworldly fantasy tale.