Villainess 10 Special: The Katarina Fumble Follies


Here at J-Novel Club, we try our best to make sure that when we put out a book, it's the best it can be. Unfortunately, we're only human, and sometimes, despite multiple rounds of proofs, things get missed. Usually they're small things like typos. Sometimes they're bigger things, like in this case.

In the first printing of My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to DOOM! Volume 10, pages 150 and 151 were flipped in layout. We're not really sure how this happened - or how it got past so many sets of eyes - but excuses don't change the fact that such a major error made it to print. As the full text is present, we won't be offering a trade-in, but the error has already been corrected for future editions.

If you have the book, you should read the pages in the following order: Page 149, Page 151, Page 150. Alternatively, you can download the PDF below and cut it according to the lines on the page. You'll need to remove 6-8mm from the center fold line to make it fit within the existing book and not stick out past the edge (or should you wish to glue it in).

The corrected pages are available here.

We apologize for this problem and thank you for supporting the series.