'Tis the Season to Be Reading December Catchups!


We're wrapping up another year and preparing to welcome a new one, and what better way to do that than with December's catchups!

For a long time, the classic boy-meets-girl-meets-mecha series Full Metal Panic! had one particular volume that English fans didn't have access to, since it hadn't been translated into English and the anime never depicted it. Of course, we're talking about Volume 6, Dancing Very Merry Christmas, so you can get into the season by reading it now! Oh, the rest of the series is pretty great too :)

Speaking of Christmas, did you know that mistletoe has been used to treat a variety of diseases for hundreds of years? That means you can probably find it at an apothecary! Clearly, this means you should check out The Apothecary Diaries to see what shenanigans Mao Mao gets up to in the imperial palace.

To round out the selection, we've got swords-and-sorcery revenge against sexism (Sexiled), a noblewoman moonlighting as an author of genre fiction (Marielle Clarac), and the mischievous pranks of fairies (Very Fairy Apartment) for this month's manga! Members can get caught up on all these series now!