Love Is in the Air for February's Catchups!


It's that time of month again, where members get to sample a new set of series for their catchup! We're confident you'll agree that every series was meticulously handpicked for its relevance to February, that is: Love <3

What better way to start off the selection than with A Lily Blooms in Another World? Miyako finds herself reborn in her favorite otome game, and wants nothing more than to romance her favorite character: the villainess Fuuka. However, Fuuka can't get over her former fiancé and will only go with Miyako if she loses a little bet. Can Miyako win her gamble all while nagivating a world of nobility and magic?

Sometimes, you only realize what you really love once its gone. And the lowly adventurer Rentt finds out he really loves being human when a surprise encounter with a strange dragon turns him into a skeleton! Thankfully, he discovers that there is a way for him to work his way back to humanity, and even become a stronger adventurer in the process! Follow along in Rentt's journey in The Unwanted Undead Adventurer, which has an anime airing now!

Sometimes, you love something that no one else loves. Andou Jurai and his female friends have obtained supernatural powers, something he's only ever dreamed of! But... there are no world-ending prophecies to face or maniacal villains to defeat, and his friends seem content to continue their mundane high school lives. Will Andou ever get the excitement he seeks? Or will he find out before then that his friends might just love something, or someone, else in their social orbit? Find out in When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace!

Finally, make sure you have full control over your love, lest it be used to control you! Utena loves magical girls, so she's thrilled when a mascot creature shows up and offers her powers. However... this costume is a lot skimpier than she was expecting, and she's actually on the evil side? And she can't quit because the mascot got blackmail material on her while her head was in the clouds...? Well, at least she can continue Gushing over Magical Girls! Check out the anime airing now!

No matter what kind of love is in the air, members can get a taste in this month's catchups!