Joyous and Jolly June Catchups!


If you need activities to do while sheltering from the sun, June catchups are perfect for downtime consumption! We were hard at work on the recent May announcements, and now we'll be hard at work on the upcoming AnimeExpo announcements in July, so this month's catchup post will be a bit abbreviated!

Have you been watching the Elf Bride anime adaptation? If so, now you can also read the entire series! The anime looks to be adapting through volume 2, so there are over a dozen continuing volumes to sate your lovey-dovey romcom thirst! Check out An Archdemon's Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride now!

Speaking of romance, we've got a double-dose of romantic stories to get your heart racing! The Disowned Queen’s Consulting Detective Agency features a young lady who was kicked out of the royal family and decides to become a detective. She'll need all her hits about her to stop the sinister plot she uncovered! And in Apparently It's My Fault That My Husband Has the Head of a Beast, to Rosemarie, people expressing negative emotions appear to have the heads of beasts, so she clings to the one man whose face always remains human. However, in reality, he actually has a beast's head, and the cause is Rosemarie herself!

Finally, in the manga adaptation of The Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind!, Suimei and his friends are summoned to another world to save it from demons. However, Suimei has his own secret: he's a magician on Earth too! And magic in this new fantasy world feels quite primitive to him. How will Suimei use his newfound advantage to forward his own private agenda?

There you have it, 30 volumes of relaxing reading to kick off your summer!