JNC's June Catchup Travel Guidebook


Got any summer travel plans? Maybe we can make some otherworld reading recommendations for you!

First off, if you're going to the royal capital of Arldat and you're in a bit of a laundry pinch, seek out Lucia Arca at the castle for expedient cleaning services! In The Extraordinary, the Ordinary, and SOAP!, her magic cleaning ability is even used to cleanse monsters from the land, so you know your travels in the country will be safe!

Next, if you find yourself in Roses, they've got plenty of tourism traps, especially for those of you interested in religion! Once again, if you can't find any cleaners, just run over to the adventurer's guild and ask for Makoto. His skill with water magic is unparalleled! You can find his full credentials in Full Clearing Another World under a Goddess with Zero Believers, just don't ask why his nickname is "Goblin Cleaner"...

Looking for a scenic countryside hike? Keep the town of Laffan on your radar! It isn't glamorous, but it's a safe place to take shelter from the wilds. There's a new group of rookie adventurers named Nao, Haruka, and Touya who have been making a name for themselves, and you can read all about them in To Another World... with Land Mines! Just remember: Avoid anyone you meet with skills that are too good to be true, since those are probably land mines!

If you're visiting Storydia, you've got another laundry expert in the form of local adventurer Shiori, but she can also tidy up your rental home or whip up a meal in a snap, being the Housekeeping Mage from Another World! This manga will demonstrate her mastery of basic magic, typically of little use in combat but honed by Shiori to be perfect for everyday chores!

Finally, if you're content to stay on Earth, consider Japan for reasons both fantastical and mundane! If you run across any dungeons, keep D-Powers in mind as the premier source of skill orbs - just be careful not to get caught up in any international incidents! Details on both the dungeons and the government agencies that need to approve your dungeon diving can be found in D-Genesis. But if you're not looking for anything quite so exciting, you can simply bring something fun to read on your trip! My Friend's Little Sister Has It In for Me! is a romantic comedy featuring guys, girls, school, game development, love triangles, and secret online identities, the perfect accompaniment for your travel arrangements!

J-Novel Club is here to provide the ideal recommendations for any world, ours or otherwise. These 30+ volumes of content can prepare members for any travel destination!