J-Novel Club X Bookwalker Partnership FAQ


I'm sure a lot of you have a lot of questions about what this means for J-Novel Club and our members going forward, so I'd like to address some frequently asked questions here!

Question: Will there be any changes to the J-Novel Club Subscriptions, either normal membership or premium membership?

Answer: No. The pricing and benefits of membership will not be changing.

Question: Does this mean that your website and apps will be discontinued in favor of Bookwalker?

Answer: No. Our website and apps will still be the way members can read the latest prepub parts, and our systems will be completely independent. Premium epubs that can be read on any EPUB device, premium credits, and other features will be unchanged and remain on our own site.

Question: Does this mean that you will only be licensing books published by Kadokawa in the future?

Answer: No. Bookwalker sells books from almost every publisher in Japan, and we will also continue to license from all kinds of different publishers.

Question: Will this cause any delay in your release schedules? Will you start to publish books at a slower pace?

Answer: No. We will continue to operate our internal workflow the same way as before, to bring out titles to you as fast as we can (with good quality!)

Question: Okay, I get it, nothing is going to change, yada yada, so then tell me, what IS going to be different?

Answer: Being owned by a major player in the Japanese market provides needed stability for future expansion, and will enable us to license and release even more content (from all kinds of publishers)! Be on the lookout for more light novels, more manga, and other new projects and expansions moving forward.

Question: Is Sam ever going to finish "My Little Sister Can Read Kanji" volume 5?

Answer: I did! It's out! Go buy the e-book already!