Giving Thanks with November Catchups


We're thankful that so many J-Novel Club series have been adapted to anime, and we're here to share those thanks with our members in November's catchups! If you're enjoying these anime series this season, we hope you'll enjoy reading the source material just as much!

After being captured during a revolution, Princess Mia of the Tearmoon Empire is beheaded at the guillotine... then wakes up as a child again! Can she keep her head in her second stab at life, or will her selfish tendencies cut her efforts short?

After a divine mistake results in her grotesque death, Kaoru is sent to another world with the ability to create any potion she imagines! However, this medieval fantasy isn't quite what she predicted, so her modern sensibilities and fiery personality quickly attract attention, both good and bad. Regardless, she will confidently declare "I Shall Survive Using Potions!" And a new volume may start streaming soon!

The second season of The Faraway Paladin is now airing! Refresh yourselves on this story about a boy who grows up in isolation with three undead. How did he get there, and why are these undead raising him? And we had the light novel on catchup last month, but check out the manga for My Daughter Left the Nest and Returned an S-Rank Adventurer as well!

If you're not into these anime series, we've got a couple other options too! In Isekai Tensei: Recruit to Another World, Tenma agrees to be reborn into a world of swords and fantasy, with amazing powers bestowed on him by the gods. However, his adventure only truly begins when he is kidnapped, plunging his tranquil village into turmoil... And ECHO is a short horror one-shot based on a popular Vocaloid song! A perfect wrap-up for Halloween!

Thank you for supporting J-Novel Club for all these years, and enjoy these 30 catchup volumes!