Get a Caught Up on July Anime


Ready for summer 2024 anime? Check out the source material for some of the series airing soon in our July catchups!

When Yuki, a struggling VTuber, accidentally forgets to stop streaming and goes on a drunken tirade, she's convinced her agency will promptly axe her. To her surprise, not only does the incident go viral, she's encouraged to completely reinvent her online persona! Find out how far Yuki goes in VTuber Legend, and watch the anime soon!

Dahlia has experienced a lot of hardship: She died from overwork in Japan, suddenly lost her father in her new life, and now has her engagement broken off a day before the wedding. She decides that she needs a change in her new life. As a magical toolmaker armed with knowledge from modern day Earth, it's time for the world to see Dahlia in Bloom! Make sure to check out the anime too!

Adventurers fight monsters and protect the peace. Noor has been training to be one all his life, even though he only has a useless skill. What use is a simple "parry" when heroes have exquisite swordsmanship and magicians can throw giant balls of fire? Well, when you can say "I Parry Everything," that changes things. Now the question is whether anyone can convince Noor of that! And see all the action in the anime, airing soon!

Now, we have a collection of other stories to read! Can a crass, jaded gamer inhabiting the body of a villainous saint become more saintly than the real thing? As long as she can keep her true thoughts hidden! See if she can fake it until she makes it in Fake Saint of the Year! In a collaboration for the history books, a sumo wrestler reincarnates as a villainess and must save the kingdom from its now-evil protagonists! Check out the epic story of the Grand Sumo Villainess! Finally, The Saga of Lioncourt is a reincarnation story where a modern person is forced to survive in a world of medieval war. Gird yourselves for this violent dark fantasy.

Members can read over 30 volumes on catchup this month! We hope you enjoy this selection as well as our announcements at Anime Expo!