Converting from Credits to Coins


Starting May 2, 2022, J-Novel Club's digital currency changed from Premium Credits to J-Novel Coins! This is a simple conversion, so everything that dealt with Credits before now is swapped for the equivalent number of Coins instead.

If you're here for the TL;DR, just read the next paragraph!

1 Premium Credit converts to 699 Coins, and all the Premium eBooks that were available for Credits now require 699 Coins instead. Any unspent Credits on your account can be converted to Coins on the My Credits page, and premium subscribers will now receive 699 Coins every month instead of 1 Premium Credit.

If you're not sure about the switch, you can still redeem your Credits for books until August 2, 2022. After that, Credit redemption will be disabled and any remaining Credits on any accounts will be automatically converted to Coins.

Why the change to Coins?

Back in 2016, J-Novel Club only sold digital light novels, and the idea was to make everything extremely simple by having just Credits and books, where 1 Credit got you 1 book. However, in the years since, we've added more products like manga and (coming soon!) audiobooks, and we've also published some books that we could not sell at the same price as our other light novels. Premium Credits were not flexible enough for all these products, and we spent so long pushing the idea of "1 credit = 1 book" that we didn't want to just redefine how Premium Credits worked either.

Enter: J-Novel Coins.

Since Coins have a smaller value, it will be much easier for us to add new products to our lineup at the price it needs to be. Right off the bat, you can now redeem 999 Coins for the Beatless Premium eBooks! We're also working on getting Premium Manga on J-Novel Club!

Coins will also allow us to do sales and promotions directly on our site! "1 credit = 1 book" made it impossible to have just certain volumes or series go on sale, so we hope to start doing discounts regularly on our site!

We also have ideas for more ways to use Coins that we'll be rolling out in the future!

Did anything else change with coin conversion?

Yes! In fact, we took this opportunity to overhaul a lot of our site infrastructure while making the changes necessary to use Coins.

  • You don’t need a membership to buy Coins! All you need is a credit card and a free account! There are no differences in products based on subscriber status - everyone gets the Premium eBook when downloading from our website.
  • Regular members now get a 5% discount when buying Coins, while the Premium member discount has been officially set to 15%!
  • Don't have a credit card? We'll be adding Apple Pay and Google Pay as new payment methods very soon, and more methods may be coming in the future!
  • With the addition of Apple Pay and Google Pay, you'll be able to buy Coins directly on our mobile app very soon! You will have to buy set packs of Coins in the app, though, so if you want to buy a custom number of coins, you'll want to use our website instead.

Anything else to know about coins?

  • Coins do not expire! You don't have to worry about spending them by a certain time.
  • At present, the custom Coin purchase option allows a range of 500 to 40,000 Coins per transaction.
  • This isn't a new feature, but just a reminder that preordering a volume that's currently streaming allows you to read the prepublication parts even if you're not a subscriber! Now that non-members can buy Coins, it's something to keep in mind if you're feeling that itch while waiting for the next volume to come out :)