Closing Out 2022 with December Catchups!


While getting ready to bid farewell to 2022, round out your year with these catchup series!

Have you been enjoying the Bibliophile Princess anime? If so, check out the source novels now! Princess Elianna is quiet and awkward, preferring to bury herself in books to socializing. But when she sees her fiancé Prince Christopher having a dalliance with another lady, she becomes caught in a conspiracy that runs far deeper than she could have imagined! Keep an eye out for the launch of volume 6 very soon as well!

One of our most popular newer series, My Quiet Blacksmith Life in Another World stars Eizo, a computer programmer who is rewarded for saving a deity. Now given the skills of a talented blacksmith and his own remote forge, what kind of characters will liven up his new, relaxing otherworld life?

Kagetora is a huge otaku, and he just wants to find a nice otaku girlfriend for himself. Somehow, he ends up having to live with Kokoro, a flashy, popular girl from school, but... why does she want to become the ideal otaku girlfriend?! They end up making a deal to help each other out, so now he'll have to write a Guide to the Perfect Otaku Girlfriend!

Finally, we'll be sending off one of our longer-running manga series, Marginal Operation, as the final volume releases just after the new year! Arata, unemployed now that his company has dissolved, applies to a military security company to avoid becoming a NEET and ends up as a private mercenary. Will this hectic, dangerous life suit him, or will he regret not embracing bumhood?

Thanks for all your support this year, and we hope members enjoy this final selection catchup titles for 2022!