Back in School? Unwind After Classes with September Catchups!


School is starting again, so we've got just the material for you to review after class!

Is there any use for rote memorization? Cooking recipes! After all, Mukohda needs quite the repertoire in order to keep his legendary pets full and happy! Travel along in Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill, and look for a new volume to start streaming very soon!

Next, we've got two high school girl series that are about as different as can be! Holmes of Kyoto stars one who works in an antique shop and teams up with a man with uncanny insight known as the "Holmes of Kyoto" to solve the various mysteries surrounding the antiques that their clients bring to them. The other, JK Haru Is a Sex Worker in Another World, is kind of exactly what it says on the tin. Please note that J-Novel Club recommends this series only for readers age 16 and older, so reader beware!

Finally, if you hate studying, you can always just... trade your memories for more skill points! With the anime still airing this season, we've got the manga adaptation of Black Summoner here for you to see what happens after the latest episode, or after the series ends! Check out the light novel to go even further!

We've got almost 30 volumes to review for your month-long JNC homework assignment, so members better hit the books!