No Need to Doubt These April Catchups!


We’re not fooling around here—it’s time to announce April catchups!

Are you ready for another anime season of How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord? If not, get caught up on all 13 volumes, or just the first 3 before you start watching season 2! Takuma Sakamoto is somehow summoned as his MMORPG character Diablo into the world of Cross Reverie. However, he's so bad at interacting with others that he has no choice but to roleplay as his character, a powerful demon lord, just to communicate! Good thing he's got the strength to back up his acting!

And we have some other similar series to read! A Wild Last Boss Appeared! also features a player trapped in his character, and he has to figure out why he was brought 200 years into the game world's future. In the opposite situation, When the Clock Strikes Z stars a gamer who puts down his game to find that the real world has drastically changed while he wasn’t looking!

If you like the hit series Arifureta, check out the prequel Arifureta Zero that follows the Liberators before they created the labyrinths. A new volume is scheduled for the end of April, so we hope to start translating it soon! Or if you're a fan of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, you might enjoy the manga spinoffs we're publishing! Both Reckless Journey and Youthful Journey are on catchup!

On the Heart side, we recently announced the print for A Lily Blooms in Another World, so check it out now to see if it belongs on your shelf! And the final volume is currently streaming for I Refuse to Be Your Enemy, so it’s time to get up to speed before the finale of the series!

That's over 30 volumes of content for members to read in April, and that's no joke!