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When a karateka battles a runaway truck and loses, a goddess guides him to a world of swords and sorcery. Can he take his karate to the next level to defeat the fantasy world threats looming over his new home?

Ash, a young boy from a remote farming village, holds memories of a previous, more bountiful life. Determined to improve his current life, he dives into the world of books, eager to uncover the secrets of yesteryear.

The founder of K-1, Kazuyoshi Ishii, leaves Shizuoka Prison only to be struck down by a truck and reincarnated in the body...of a comatose high school girl?! Can he use this new body to make amends with the karate he besmirched?

Ruri is stranded in a strange world by her selfish friend. Then she gets the ability to turn into a white cat! In the perilous Land of the Dragon King, she must always hide that she's human. How can she get revenge in the form of a cute little cat?!

A thousand years ago, there was a feared tribe of super-powered vampires called "True Bloods" that have since disappeared—except for the youngest, Ristia. Awakened from her slumber, she has one desire: get herself a little sister to dote over!

To Princess Rosemarie, anyone showing negative emotions appears to have the head of a beast. So she rushes to marry Prince Claudio, whose features remain human. But she finds out the reason too late: he has a real beast head, and it's her fault!