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After Lyle Walt loses in a duel with his younger sister, his parents disown him. But then, a mysterious old man appears and gives Lyle a necklace with special properties. Item in hand, Lyle sets out from his family’s estate to prove himself.

Left for dead in the Abyss—the realm’s most notorious dungeon—Light discovers his Gift of the Unlimited Gacha can summon Level 9999 warriors! Three years and an army of overpowered allies later, he’s ready to take revenge on all who betrayed him.

I got hit by a truck but wasn’t sent to another world. What the heck?! No really, what the heck?!

In the harsh borderlands, humans must fight endless hordes of creatures intent on taking their land and their gods. After recovering memories of a past life, a young boy gains a new sense of the “rule set” governing this world of magic and mystery.

Fighting between the eight tribes is restricted to Duel City Babel, the world’s only arena. Yuri Eniastar can’t wait to duel, no matter what others say about his lineage. Refusing to give up, and with the help of his friends, Yuri aims for the top!