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Rich, powerful, and daughter of a duke, Mary Albert is the perfect young lady with an unusual ambition—her own downfall! Embracing her new life as a villainess of an otome game, she’ll terrorize the heroine and take a route to ruin!

Some fairy tales are too good to be true—literally! Claire is knocked off her pedestal when she’s disowned, loses her fiancé to her sister, and...discovers she’s a video game character? But nothing will stop her from unlocking her own good ending.

12-year-old Chelsea’s awakening to the brand new skill [Seed Creation] changes her life from days of neverending abuse to the Cinderella treatment!

Nestled in Kyoto’s Teramachi-Sanjo shopping arcade is the antique shop Kura, where high school girl Aoi has a part-time job. With the manager’s son, Kiyotaka—the “Holmes of Kyoto”—she helps solve various strange cases brought to them by clients.

Nanalie competes with Rockmann to be the number one student at the Kingdom’s top magic school. They go their separate ways upon graduating, but even after she starts her dream job as a Sorcerer’s Guild Receptionist, fate brings them back together.

When book-loving Lady Elianna spots Prince Christopher—her betrothed in name only—consorting with another noble lady, she assumes the annulment of their engagement is inevitable. But courtly life, and love, is more complicated than it seems!

Viola had almost resigned herself to dying not only as the daughter of a penniless earl but as a spinster too when her family received a letter from a wealthy duke asking for her hand in marriage! What will his fiendish proposal mean for her family?

Ruri is stranded in a strange world by her selfish friend. Then she gets the ability to turn into a white cat! In the perilous Land of the Dragon King, she must always hide that she's human. How can she get revenge in the form of a cute little cat?!

To Princess Rosemarie, anyone showing negative emotions appears to have the head of a beast. So she rushes to marry Prince Claudio, whose features remain human. But she finds out the reason too late: he has a real beast head, and it's her fault!

After being reborn in the world of the otome game she'd been playing, Katarina realizes that she's the antagonist, who is either killed or exiled in every ending of the game! Now she must use her knowledge of the game and her own wiles to survive!