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Reincarnated in another world, Ryo is excited to learn water magic and live an easygoing life. But fate has other things in store for our carefree protagonist, who will face off against monsters, make friends, and find himself embroiled in politics!

Reborn in another world, Ryo’s excited to learn water magic and live an ideal slow life. But things don’t turn out as planned for this carefree young man as he tests his wits against opponents and rescues a companion who’ll forever alter his destiny!

The hotheaded knight Albrea journeys to the village of Montt to slay an evil demon. However, the village boasts a secret: the demon is a retired old man, and the other villagers are some of the kingdom’s greatest heroes!

Albrea, the kingdom’s strongest knight, sets off to the village of Montt to defeat a powerful demon. However, when she arrives, all is not as it seems as the mighty demon turns out to be a retired old man!

Fudou Niito suddenly wakes up inside his favorite dating sim as Ellize, the fake saint who makes Eterna’s—his favorite character—life a living hell! Can he successfully change the original plot to secure a happy ending for his beloved Eterna?

Good grief. Two hundred years in the future and us Amber-Eyed people still don’t get treated with dignity and respect. At least it’s an era of peace. With any luck, I should be able to live an easy life...right?

Reborn in another world as a demon lord, Yuki has big plans for his dungeon. Too bad they derail thanks to a lazy dragon with a sweet tooth, a rescued little vampire girl, and a few pets to top it all off! Can he get his chill life back on track?

Toudou Masaki works as a Game Master on his favorite MMORPG, Britalia Online. But one day, he suddenly blacks out and awakens in a new world with magic, game skills, and monsters. Can he use his GM abilities to survive in this land ravaged by war?

I’ve been reincarnated into a world of monster-filled dungeons, but don’t you worry. I’ve got Creation Magic up my sleeve, and this little witch knows just the trick to get all the MP she’ll ever need. Time to make some magic!

Yuki wakes up in another world. Now a demon lord in charge of a dungeon, he’ll have to learn to live with a legendary dragon, a pet slime, a vampire girl, and a wolf creature. It’s a lot of work, but watch Yuki juggle it all!