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Reincarnated in another world, Ryo is excited to learn water magic and live an easygoing life. But fate has other things in store for our carefree protagonist, who will face off against monsters, make friends, and find himself embroiled in politics!

Noah used to be the son of a duke. Now he’s been exiled to a monster-infested forest in the middle of nowhere! He’ll have to master his new skill “Holy King” and recruit other underdogs to his side if he wants to make it out alive!

Long after the fall of humanity, factions of ancient autonomous weapons battle it out in endless and meaningless conflicts...until one machine finds meaning in the form of a human child and sets out on a journey to deliver her to her people!

Reborn in another world, Ryo’s excited to learn water magic and live an ideal slow life. But things don’t turn out as planned for this carefree young man as he tests his wits against opponents and rescues a companion who’ll forever alter his destiny!

Beryl Gardinant is just a humble old man who runs a swordsmanship dojo in a backwater village. Out of the blue, his peaceful country life is upended when a famous former pupil recruits him as a special instructor for the nation’s elite knights!

Three years after RPG dungeons start appearing on Earth, researcher Keigo Yoshimara enters the lucrative world of dungeon diving! Discovering a magic skill, he storms into the dungeons, armed with his wits and a savvy business partner.

Sarasa Ichinokura finds a cure for her daily fatigue—along with much more than she bargained for—when she’s reincarnated into a fantasy world. Now she needs to learn to survive, a journey she’ll have to take one step at a time!

Saika’s world gets turned upside down when she’s asked to become a teenage mother! But her child isn’t a normal’s an infant god! Can she raise this little godling while adapting to her new life alongside three handsome new brothers?

The beloved hero Crow—brave and gallant wielder of the blade Muramasa—has a secret: it’s all an act! His apparent power comes from the ravenous, soul-eating sword that controls him, and he only fights evil to keep his secret safe and the blade sated!

One day, I suddenly ended up in a different world. The real kicker is that they called me “defective” and tossed me into the Valley of Death! Why? Because I'm capped at level 1! I need to make my way out and show everyone what a real badass can do!