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Reborn as the villainess of an otome game, Mizarie tries to avoid her in-game fate and winds up...exiled?! Good thing she’s got a skill that lets her summon an RV! Mizarie now sets out with her dear cat, Ohagi, to enjoy a life away from it all!

Remille’s life has looped seven times, each with an untimely death. But the eighth time around, Princess Ciel and her magic eye reveals potential from his prior lives. With her help, might he find a way to break the cycle?

Seven loops. Seven deaths. After realizing his friends’ betrayal, Remille vows to make this time different. When he meets Princess Ciel, her magical Eye sees great potential in him. Can she help him become strong enough to escape his deadly destiny?

Meet Tsukumori Jr. High’s dysfunctional art club! Follow the antics of the talented “moe” artist Uchimaki, nap-king Prez, the whimsical Colette, and the diligent Usami Mizuki. Together, they turn the chaos of middle school into a masterpiece!

Sarasa Ichinokura finds a cure for her daily fatigue—along with much more than she bargained for—when she’s reincarnated into a fantasy world. Now she needs to learn to survive, a journey she’ll have to take one step at a time!

Self-proclaimed ultimate introvert Natsuki Haibara has more high school regrets than he can count... So when he suddenly travels back to a time before those disastrous days, will he be able to make the most of a second shot at his teenage years?

I’m Daisuke Furutsu, and I got hit by a truck! Next thing I know, God is telling me my death was an accident, and I’ll be getting powers from five Cards of Fate. It goes great until I draw a “curse” card and get an apple?!

Failing VTuber Yuki Tanaka leaves her stream on while drinking and clips of her wild comments go viral. Amazingly, her manager lets Yuki keep getting wasted on-stream, and she has a blast with her reinvented streaming persona and wacky colleagues!

The life of otaku Ryoko Hayakawa came to an end one day—but she reincarnated as a beautiful prince in a fantasy world. However, her dream-like royal life didn’t last long before she uncovered the depths of politics and corruption in her kingdom.

Marielle, a plain young noblewoman, is proposed to by the gorgeous Simeon, heir to an earldom—but why? Simeon has his secrets, but he’s not the only one!