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Strange things are afoot. When things beyond human understanding surface, threatening the peace and leaving behind an endless trail of blood. When such incidents arise, Scotland Yard’s Demon Hunter in residence, John Sinclair, is on the case.

After a college student finds herself in another world, she becomes the militant queen of a race of insects called the Arachnea.

The VOCALOID song "ECHO" with 8 million views has now been novelized! This song of madness from Crusher-P is weaved into a story in which the TV girl, or “Primadonna’s” identity is finally revealed!

48th Seiun Award (Japanese Short Story Division) This existential widescreen yuri baroque proletariat hard sci-fi idol story has carved out a new legend in science fiction history!

Shun and a group of his classmates end up inside a creepy, abandoned mansion known as the Jailhouse. It’s said that there are monsters inside, but they’re about to find out just how real those rumors are. The deadliest game of tag in history begins!

Based on the cult hit game, Yume Nikki follows a lonely girl into the bizarre world that awaits her in her dreams.