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Soma Neumond dedicated his past life to mastering the sword, but he always wished he could use magic. Now he’s been reborn in a world of sorcery, but he’s told that he has no talent for it! How will he make his dream of being a mage come true?

Unexpectedly summoned to the world of Aletia, Hiro Oguro soon discovers this isn’t his first visit. Long ago he was the Hero King Mars, ruler of battlefields and founder of empires. Can he live up to his own legend now that Aletia needs him again?

A pair of mysterious and astute travelers ride their spryverns to all corners of this fantasy world! By order of the Sanctum, Ral and Jilet cross many nations to edit the Pamphlet, a collection of regional myths and legends.

While searching for a game hardcore enough to satisfy him, Yamada Kenichi stumbles upon one boasting a grueling “Hell Mode.” Thinking he’s up to the challenge, Kenichi's in for a shock when he finds himself reincarnated in another world—as a serf!

The life of otaku Ryoko Hayakawa came to an end one day—but she reincarnated as a beautiful prince in a fantasy world. However, her dream-like royal life didn’t last long before she uncovered the depths of politics and corruption in her kingdom.

William wasted his former life. Now, reborn into a world of high fantasy and magic, and raised in a remote, lifeless city by three members of the undead, he vows to do whatever it takes to live life properly.

Rentt Faina is down on his luck, and the dragon that kills him marks the end of his journey...or so he thought. He may be a pile of bones now, but not even death will stop him from achieving his goal of becoming a Mithril-class adventurer!

Rentt Faina, a decade-long adventurer, has been swallowed whole by a dragon inside the Labyrinth of the Moon's Reflection! Reborn as a Skeleton, will he succeed in his goal of Existential Evolution and return to humanity once more?