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When her two-year engagement comes to an abrupt end, magical toolmaker Dahlia realizes it’s time to start living for herself. She turns her back on romance to pursue her beloved craft, only to discover it’s not the quiet life she expected!

When a businessman’s life is cut short, he finds himself thrust into a wild fantasy world, reborn as a 15-year-old boy. He resolves to live out a quiet, carefree life as a young healer...but does fate have other plans for him?

The Oracle Princess Alfina suddenly announces an ominous prophecy, yet none heed her words. But a fateful encounter with the merchant Ricardo may see the disaster averted with the power of science, mathematics and economics from the modern world!

Onigawara Shouzou, a married father of three, must put his sales skills to the test when his family and their entire house get transported to a whole new world of monsters and magic!

Shinichi Kanou is a pretty typical otaku. Japan has discovered a portal to another world and Shinichi lands a job spreading the otaku gospel in the Eldant Empire. And he gets to work with a half-elf maid, an empress, AND a female soldier?