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When a karateka battles a runaway truck and loses, a goddess guides him to a world of swords and sorcery. Can he take his karate to the next level to defeat the fantasy world threats looming over his new home?

One day, Andou Jurai and his friends awakened to spectacular superpowers! Life-or-death supernatural battles seemed inevitable...but then, nothing else happened. What do you do with supernatural powers when your life is as commonplace as ever?

Fresh from our "Invaders of the Rokujouma!?" Kickstarter, we have 13 newly written stories requested by fans for the fans! Enjoy these more in-depth insights into your favorite characters from the series!

After waking up with no memory of his past life, Kelvin sets off on an epic adventure in a whole new world. Facing one formidable foe after another, he soon discovers his true battle junkie nature as the curtains rise on an exhilarating fantasy saga!

What’s a guy who wakes up in another world, with only a voice inside his head and an ultra rare class, to do? Dive straight into battle, of course! The stronger the opponent, the more exhilarating it gets...what more could a battle junkie ask for?

In the harsh borderlands, humans must fight endless hordes of creatures intent on taking their land and their gods. After recovering memories of a past life, a young boy gains a new sense of the “rule set” governing this world of magic and mystery.

Fighting between the eight tribes is restricted to Duel City Babel, the world’s only arena. Yuri Eniastar can’t wait to duel, no matter what others say about his lineage. Refusing to give up, and with the help of his friends, Yuri aims for the top!

Alus Reigin, the No. 1 Magicmaster, wants to retire at age 16 from fighting the Fiends threatening humanity, but instead is pressed into service training his successors, two beautiful Magicmaster girls! An epic fantasy saga begins.

Out into the spotlight, Orimura Ichika must find his place in a female-dominated society as the world's sole male pilot of the Infinite Stratos. Armed with only his ability, he sets out to prove that men still have a stake in this progressive future.

Akuto Sai arrives at Constant Magical Academy—the most prestigious magic school in the world—for his first year of high school. However, when he arrives at the Academy, his future occupation is prophesied to be… The Demon King?!