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Kazuhiro Kitase goes on many his dreams. When the Elf girl he always explores with suddenly appears in the real world, Kazuhiro is thrust upon new adventures throughout Japan with the lovely Ms. Elf!

Kaoru Nagase is reincarnated as a fifteen-year-old version of herself in another world with the power to create any potion she can think of! Using her newfound powers, she has to try and make a life for herself in this less culturally advanced world.

Growing up in rural Chichibu, Mari Okada wanted nothing more than to leave her truant lifestyle behind to live in “the world outside.” This screenwriter faces her own anxiety as she embraces her past through the words she screams on the page.

Rentt Faina, a decade-long adventurer, has been swallowed whole by a dragon inside the Labyrinth of the Moon's Reflection! Reborn as a Skeleton, will he succeed in his goal of Existential Evolution and return to humanity once more?

In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, Takuma Sakamoto is the most power player, the “Demon Lord.” He is summoned to another world by two girls, but their ritual backfires and the girls end up enslaved!